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Guardian Angel

Summary: When the St. John family as Lee and the others captured aside from a few, Angel finds herself on the farm in the middle of a storm and helps the group out, only to find herself welcome amongst the group and finding herself in love with Lilly. OCxLilly Caul

Disclaimer: The Walking Dead Game/Comics do not belong to me, however Angel, Diana, Anne do belong to me and Jason kind of belongs to me but belongs to my friend John at the same time. I made Jason up but Jason was more created by John because he's based of John.

Author note: Normally I submit these things on a fan fiction website but saw all these other stories so I figured why not lol. I hope you like…I suck at titles and summaries at times so if the title sounds horrible and the summary does as well…sorry ^^'

Sorry for any spoilers but yeah…spoilers ahead…also the story will be a bit different from the game but I'll try and stick with it while having my own story thing going on here.

Chapter 1

Rain was pouring down from the darkened night sky, lightning shooting across the sky followed by thunder. The lightning was so bright it actually lit up the area when it flashed, so the young girl walking in the rain didn't need her flash light. The girl had been walking through the corn fields when she came to a fence that looked electric but she noticed it was humming like electric fences would normally do, so she touched it and nothing happened. 'Yeah smart Angel…touch an electric fence in the rain when you don't know if it's on just cause you don't hear the familiar hum that you heard back home at that farm you and your friends always went to, to act like idiots.' thought the girl looking up at the sky as another bolt of lightning went across the sky. The girl who called herself Angel had long black hair that was pulled back into a pony tail and she had bright blue eyes, her clothes torn here and there and soaking wet that they clung to her like a second skin.

Angelina Blade heard shouting coming from the barn making her look and she saw a man with a rifle sitting by the door, holding it as if he was ready to shoot someone. She moved quickly and quietly, hiding beside the barn and reached into her pocket to pulled a baggy out that had a fire cracker in it, her buddy Jason's idea. She pulled her Zippo lighter out that was yellow and had patterns of the police tape that said don't cross on it, she flipped it open and ran her thumb over the part to start a flame and hunched over it so the water wouldn't put the fire out. Once the fuse lit, she threw it hard and it soared over the gate that lead to the barn and it went off making the man look and he got up and walked over to it, the eighteen year old moved quickly and quietly into the barn and saw doors in the back, so she ran to them and ran through them only to slip on something wet, whether it was the water from her combat boots or just something wet on the ground. She hit the counter with a grunt as it hit her stomach making her groan as it hurt when she saw her face was inches from a bloody saw making her freak out and move away from it.

That's when she heard more yelling behind the green door to her right, she moved to it and her feet slipped again but she managed to catch her balance as she walked to the door. She put her hand on the handle and tried to pull it open but nothing, she saw a bolt lock and she turned it, it clicked once it was un locked making her smile. She pulled on the handle and the door opened, as soon as she put one foot in, blood splattered on her black combat boot and the bottom of her pants making her rise an eyebrow when she saw a brown haired woman crying as she was over an elderly man making Angel tilt her head. "Ew?" she asked making the two men and little girl look at her, the woman was too busy grieving over the man to notice her appearance. "I open the door and I get blood splattered on me…nice. I get enough of that from the walkers."

"Move it little girl." snapped the man in a baseball cap pushing her aside as he walked out, making her nearly loose her balance again from the puddles that formed at her feet. She grabbed onto the door frame and held herself up.

"Uh…you're welcome?" she asked as the African-American man looked at her. "St. Johns get ya?"

"How do you know the St. Johns?" he asked narrowing his eyes at her.

"They came to our camp one day asking if we'd trade gasoline to them and get food in return. I said I nah because we have enough food to last a while. Danny grabbed me and got close to mah face saying we'd trade with them or else." stated Angel.

"And what happened?" asked the little girl making Angel smile at her.

"Mah mother punched him in the face and he backed off. No one fucks with mah mother's daughter. Trust me, she's broken a man's arm for touching me." answered the eighteen year old smiling. She looked at the brunette and then back at the man. "Um…"

"It was her dad." he whispered to her. "He suffered a heart attack. I was trying to help him with CPR when the man that pushed you aside crushed his head."

"O-Oh." she said a bit shocked. She crouched down and saw all the blood on the woman's face. She reached into her pocket and pulled a rag out, she went to put it to the woman's face when her hand was smacked making her look.

"Don't pity me." whispered the woman.

"You're covered in blood. I just want to clean it off." whispered Angel in return making the brunette look at Angel.

"Wait a minute. I've seen you." said the woman making Angel look at her confused. "I saw you about a mile up the road from the motor inn. You where running across the street and I was walking back to the inn with Lee after getting food."

"What the hell was I doing?" she asked mainly to herself. "Whatever. Come on I wanna go get St. John ass." She ran from the woman making her look.

"Clementine…" said the man looking at the little girl. "…stay here and keep Lilly safe."

"Okay Lee." said the girl nodding.

Lee walked out to find Kenny crouched by the door and Angel pulled machetes out of the sheathes attached to her belts and saw her put straps around her wrist. There where ropes tied to the bottoms, through a small hole, she most used them for long range attacks. Lee saw a stun gun laying on the bloody bath tub like area, where the St. John's butchered people for food, the thought of it made Angel shudder in disgust. Kenny pushed the door open a bit and saw Danny St. John sitting in front of the barn talking to himself and before he could do anything, Angel slowly walked out while crouched down. The two men followed her when Andy St. John showed up and while the two men went into a stall together, Angel moved into one by herself and she quickly swore at herself for doing that.

She lifted up a boot and her eyes went wide as there was a bloody foot print under her boot and looked, a few bloody foot prints where in the stall from where she walked. Fuck the water from her boots and the blood on the floor in there means she left bloody foot prints from the back room to this stall. She heard the barn door close and Danny talking to the cow but when he stopped, Angel got worried and she choose to peak out. Once she did she saw the barrel of a gun in her face and she grabbed it and shoved it up, the gun shot going off and hurting both of their ears making Angel groan and she grabbed her machete and sliced across his stomach but he kicked her back making her hit the ground and she stared at him with wide eyes. Lilly ran out and slammed a small scythe into his chest making him scream and she did it again as he backed up.

Danny stepped right into the bear trap, that was altered not to open again, and he fell back onto his ass. Lilly held her hand out and Angel took it, she pulled the younger girl up onto her feet and they stood there holding hands for a moment or two making the girl blush and remove her hand from Lilly's. The brunette looked at Angel and cracked a small smile before snatching up Danny's rifle and putting it over his shoulder. Lilly wanted to kill Danny as much as she knew Lee wanted too but Lee didn't, he threw the pitch fork at the hay barrel beside Danny and they all heard Katjaa scream, Angel ran out of the barn pulling hard on the ropes making her machetes come flying up, her hands catching the handles. Lee ran outside after Lilly said she'd stay with Clementine but when he came out, Kenny and Angel where no where to be seen.

Lee saw a walker coming to him through the corn field when something hit the back of it's head and it fell down. Carley and Ben stood there when Lee felt a body smack into him and he looked to see Angel standing there. "Lee what's going on?" asked Carley.

"Larry's dead! They killed Mark, they cut his legs off and tried to feed them to us!" he whispered loudly for all of them to hear.

"Fuck." said Carley.

"I found that asshole's wife. She's in the house,  I got Andrew's attention and he grabbed the kid and followed me. I jumped over a fence though and he fired at me."

"Lovely, that's going to attract attention." stated Lee. "Carley find a way in through the back. Got a weapon?"

"I never leave home with out." she said sliding a clip into her gun and grabbing Ben, walking away with him.

"Look I'll be stupid and distract Andrew." stated the black haired girl.

"Don't need you shot." stated Lee. "We won't be able to fix you."


"Stay with Lilly and Clementine." he said walking away, crouched down.

"I'm not weak." snapped the girl.

"I never said you were." he answered looking back at Angel who sighed and walked back into the barn.

"I would've loved to cut you up and eat you." chuckled Danny staring at the eighteen year old when Angel spun her body to the side, her leg outstretched and kicked Danny across the face knocking him out. She rolled her eyes and looked annoyed as she slid her machete's in the sheaths on her hips.

"I'm Clementine." said the girl making Angel stare at her.


"I'm Lilly." said the brunette making the eighteen year old nod. "Not used to standing around are you?"

"No…" she answered. "…I normally attack first as questions later. Lee wanted me to stay behind with you and Clementine."

"You have blood on your pants!" said Clementine making Angel look down and she saw a dark blood stain on the back of her pants where her calf was.

"Bullet must've grazed me when I ran away from Andrew." sighed the younger girl bending down and grabbing her pant leg, she pulled it up and saw long bleeding scratch like wound. "Damn it, I'll deal with it when I get back to our camp."

"Don't move asshole!" shouted Andrew's voice but before Lilly could tell Angel to stay, Angel took off running out of the barn and ran towards the fence as she swung a machete over her head and threw it out, the rope flying out of her hand Andrew screamed as the sharp blade slice across his arm and Lee tackled the man down, his rifle landing at Angel's feet making the girl look at it. She could take the gun and put a bullet in Andrew's head, she bent down and picked it up. She couldn't get to the area in time before Andrew shot Kenny, his wife Katjaa had fallen beside him worried and the young eighteen year old aimed at Andrew as he dragged Lee towards the now working electric fence.

'You wouldn't shoot a human.' said a voice in Angel's head. It sounded oddly like her mother, the girl's finger tightened on the trigger but it didn't go off. 'More shooting will just attract more walkers.'

A gun shot went off making Angel look and she saw Lilly holding a gun and Andrew was on the ground. Great so her mother's voice in her head can just guilt her into not shooting but Lilly didn't have a voice in her head telling her not to shoot…now Angel sounded like a crazy person. Lee started beating the crap out of Andrew while everyone else stood behind him, a hand touched the rifle Angel held her hand making her look. Lilly was holding onto it and Angel let it go for Lilly to hold. "You don't seem like the type to fire guns." said Lilly.

"I can't, I'd waste bullets but I wanted to kill him." answered the young girl. The brunette just rolled her eyes and once Carley stopped Lee from beating Andrew to death Lee walked towards them as Walkers started knocking over the fence.

"Come on guys." said Lee.

"Don't you walk away from me Lee!" shouted Andrew making Angel stop and look back. "Come back here and fight me like a man Lee!"

"It takes a big man to walk away!" shouted Angel making Andrew glare at her. An arm went around Angel's waist and she was lifted off her feet making her squeak in surprise as Lee had came back and grabbed Angel.

The rain had stopped about ten minutes after they left the farm, Lee had set Angel down who said she could walk by herself. The eighteen year old girl shivered slightly as a breeze blew against her. Lilly was walking with one rifle, having given the second one to Lee, and she looked back at Angel who was muttering to herself.  Lilly was the second slowest of the group, the slowest one was actually the eighteen year old so she stopped until the girl caught up with her and she walked with her. She saw the girl shiver as wind blew once more and she sighed as she saw how Angel looked, she looked extremely cold normally the brunette would offer her jacket but she herself was cold.

They came across a station wagon and Angel walked towards it when a combat knife was aimed at her throat. "Mother…" sighed the girl smacking the hand away making Diana Blade laugh.

"Got worried and came looking for ya." stated Diana. Diana had long black hair much like her daughter but unlike Angel's bright eyes, Diana had dark blue eyes. "God your soaking wet."

"Yeah…" sighed Angel and Diana pulled her jacket off and put it around Angel before hugging her close.

"Really? None of you could give her a jacket?" asked Diana rubbing Angel's arms. "Last thing I need is my child getting sick!"

"Whoa there lady!" snapped Kenny. "I donno who the hell you think you are…"

"Kenny she got us out of that meat locker so don't talk to her mother like that!" snapped Lilly making Kenny look and glare at her. "The girl has more balls than you ever could!"

"Hehe, I have balls." chuckled Angel as her teeth chattered together.

"Yes you do." said Diana leaning Angel against the station wagon. "It's abandoned."

"How do you know?" asked Katjaa.

"I followed the foot prints and ended up seeing two freshly eaten people, I killed the walkers though. I was out looking for Angelina not food, we have enough of that."

"You guys have food?" asked Lee.

"Yeah, we have tons of food. Angel and Jason usually head into Atlanta and bring back food."

"Atlanta?" asked Lilly looking at Angel who was holding the jacket around her tightly. "Isn't it full of walkers?"

"W-We know our way around." said Angel through her clenched teeth to stop them from chattering. "Would spend a month in Atlanta, living with my bastard father. I'd spend most of my time down town rather than at his house."

"You know your daughter has earned you guys a spot in our group." said Lilly to Diana. "If you want too. How many are there?"

"Angel, myself, and two others. I came from New Orleans to find my daughter and found her with her dead father's girlfriend. We soon came across a twenty year old boy who became Angelina's best friend." stated the black haired woman.

"Well if you want, we'll show you the motel and then you can bring the others over." said Lee as Kenny looked in through the back window.

"Oh shit, baby you gotta see this." said Kenny to Katjaa. "There's a bunch of food and supplies."

"Yeah here…" said the New Orleans woman holding out the keys and Kenny took them, he unlocked the car as Diana sat Angel down in the front seat.

Lilly reached over Kenny and grabbed an energy bar that was inside the box and she unwrapped it as she walked to Angel. She crouched down and broke a piece off, she held it out to Angel who looked at it. "Want some?" asked the brunette and Angel saw Diana looking at Lilly as she grabbed a box to help the others carry it.

"Sure." she answered taking it from Lilly.

"Look I'm usually a hard ass. So if you're stay with us I want to warn you that if I get…bitchy…"

"Lilly? Right?"


"I completely understand why you might get bitchy. You just lost your father. You loved your father where I hated mine so I can't sympathize with you on that level but I'll understand." She put the piece of the energy bar in her mouth and bit it off, chewing it slowly.

Once everyone was carrying something ,except for Angel who was still freezing, they all walked back to the motor inn. Angel sat on the couch beside the RV as Diana said she'd go collect the two others and while Diana left Lee handed Angel a large shirt that would reach her knees and she took it. Lilly offered her room for Angel to change in so the younger girl went to do so, the brunette set the rifle on her dresser as she heard Angel moving near the bed. She turned and looked as the girl pulled her soaking wet shirt off and Lilly saw a few bruises on the girl's back, wondering where they had come from. Angel unhooked her bra and stopped as she realized she didn't have any on her and she sighed heavily.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't have any bras on me."

"I have a sports bra I found…want to use it?" asked Lilly.

"Could I?" asked the girl looking back at her. Lilly grabbed the sports bra and tossed it to Angel who caught it and put her arms through it, flinching a bit but she managed to pull the bra over her breasts and adjust them perfectly…well perfectly for Angel's comfort. "Damn it, my back and arms hurt…"

"The bruises?"

"I fell out of a tree and landed flat on my back." sighed the girl grabbing a pair of shorts that Carley had given her and slipped them on.

She sat on Lilly's bed and yawned before rubbing her eyes and the brunette woman looked at Angel. "Lay down." said Lilly walking over and grabbing Angel's legs, putting them up onto the bed.

"No, gotta stay awake till mom gets back with Jason and Anne."

"Just go to sleep. I'll give them rooms and I'll tell your mother you fell asleep."

"B-But…" started Angel.

"Go to sleep." ordered Lilly making Angel sigh, she laid down on her side and the woman pulled the blankets up over Angel. Luckily the bed was big enough, they both could share it for when Lilly went sleep. She grabbed Angel's belt that had her machete sheaths still attached to them and laid it on the nightstand as the younger girl groaned and buried her face into the pillow.

She left her room, leaving the door cracked as Diana walked through the gate with a black haired boy with shaggy hair and an auburn haired woman. Jason was pulling a large kid wagon behind him that had food in it and he let it go as they walked up to Lilly. "Where's Angelina?" asked the black haired woman a tad bit worried.

"She's laying in my bed, she looked tired so I told her to go to sleep." answered Lilly.

"Well she's been up since four in the morning." sighed Diana.

"What was she doing up that early?" asked Lilly.

"Something about not being able to sleep much and went to climb a tree." answered the Auburn haired woman.

"That explains the story she told me about how she got her bruises."

"Yeah…" sighed Diana. "This is Jason and this is Anne. Anne and I will share a room, Jason will need his own as will Angelina tomorrow."

"Got it." said Lilly. "Can you guys pull your weight? I don't want to have you four staying here and not being able to do shit."

"Angel and I can forage for edible plants and berries. Jason is good at hunting and scavenging as well as Angel, just…she's not good at the hunting part. Anne and I can cook dinner or do chores around the inn."

"Alright. There's some empty rooms right over there." said the brunette pointing and they nodded. "Now if you excuse me, it's my shift to look out."

"Even after everything that happened?" asked Diana. Lilly just shrugged and took the rifle from Lee, she climbed up the ladder to the top of the RV, sitting in the lawn chair that was up there and sighing.

The motor inn fell quiet as everyone settled into their rooms and Lilly hated how quiet it got when it was her turn to do look out late at night. She only had to do it for an hour or so, then Lee would come out and take over, letting Lilly go to bed. She looked at the sky and she sighed as she thought back to the meat locker, wishing they never took up the St. Johns' offer to trade gasoline for food because then her father would still be alive. She let her head hand and her hand went over her face as she started crying, she wanted her father back…she wanted everything to go back to the way it used to be before the outbreak. The brunette heard movement and quickly wiped her eyes and sniffled a little, trying to hide evidence of her crying.

"You can cry."

"I thought I ordered you to go to sleep." snapped Lilly.

"I know you did. It's just I got worried a little. I understand why you're crying so don't last out on me. I just wish I could've gotten there earlier, maybe I could've stopped Kenny." said the eighteen year old staring at Lilly.

"Kenny is taller and stronger than you. The most you would've done was get hurt." sighed the brunette making Angel shrug.

"I could've tried though."

Lilly felt a smile appear on her face and she looked at Angel who itched her head and yawned. "Come up." she saw Angel tilt her head to the side confused. "Come up here…"

"K…" Angel walked around the RV and climbed up the ladder, flinching as the cold metal pressed against her bare feet but she did it with out complaining. She walked across the top of the RV and Lilly spread her legs for Angel to sit between them. She leaned against Lilly's left leg and closed her eyes.

"Why are you so sweet?" asked Lilly making Angel shrug. The brunette ran her fingers through Angel's damp black hair and smiled softly. "I just met you today and you've been nice to me since."

"You're a woman. I treat women with respect." muttered Angel's sleepy voice.


"Lesbian." answered the girl.

"Mm…" She leaned back in her chair, keeping her hand on Angel's head and after a few minutes she could tell the younger girl was fast asleep against her leg. She shrugged off her jacket and put it over Angel's shoulders making the girl groan and press her face into Lilly's leg.

As an hour or two passed all Lilly heard was the sounds of crickets and owls, the wind blowing through the trees and Angel's breathing. She heard a door open and close and looked, Lee was walking over and he looked up at her, it was time for them to switch shifts. Lilly set down the rifle and sighed, how was she suppose to get up with Angel laying against her like this? Lee saw the younger girl and got the idea, he climbed onto the hood and reached onto the roof for Angel so Lilly pushed the girl towards him. He took the girl into her arms and  carefully climbed off the RV allowing Lilly to get up and climb down the ladder.

Lilly took Angel in her arms and groaned, she never really carried a person before except maybe her friends' children but they where young. She pushed her door open and nearly dropped Angel however even if she did she was beside the bed so Angel would have a soft landing. She laid the girl down and covered her up, taking her jacket away and tossing it onto the chair beside the bed before undoing her belt and then her jeans. She looked at the younger girl to make sure she was asleep before pushing her pants down to her ankles and grabbing a pair of sweatpants she had. She slipped them on and pulled the blankets on her side down before climbing into the bed and laying with her upper body propped up on her elbow, her head resting against her open hand.

The eighteen year old looked adorable when sleeping and it made Lilly feel good inside even though she just lost her dad probably three or four hours ago. She laid down and saw the younger girl move closer, probably toward the warmth of her body and she wrapped an arm around the girl, holding her close. Angel's face went into the brunette's neck making her look a bit shocked but she said nothing, did nothing but hold the girl close. 'You make me…happy…' she thought as she felt tired. She laid her head down onto the pillow and closed her eyes to get some sleep.
A fanfic I did based off The Walking Dead game with my own OC. I normally post on but I figured I'd post one here as well. Hope you liked :D

Angel, Diana and Anne © Me!

Jason © Me and my buddy John
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Cool. I like this so far. I've read your other stories on I can't wait for the next chapter of this!
AngelAzula15 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
^^ working on the second chapter at the moment so it should be done hopefully by the middle of this week or the weekend.
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